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Human lights (all age groups, adjustment for all countries)

Human enlightenment in variable geometry!

Les Zallumés

<> Human lights, Montréal 2009, © Yann Sevrin

A burst of stumbling laughter

These human lamps, escaping from their secret gardens, form a choreographic movement with body and light. Winking, they greet you and take you on a gentle globetrotting journey to the horizons of childhood. They connect and share with you a profoundly human moment of illumination. The time for a poetic sentence, the tender shadow of a sigh or a burst of stumbling laughter…

A string of characters…

  • Schlabac Steppenwolf map
  • Sansylve Mermaid of troubled water
  • Tourtombrelle Rare bird of wind currents
  • Aurore Prince galop of the castles in the air
  • Musagriffe Small steps, of the tiny pearls and milk teeth
  • Tchin-lie Gentle oriental mystery
  • Amédéo Gardener of fairy lights
  • Butler-dam Servant of glowing streams
  • Filoumène Knitter of fairy threads

& other human-lights creation

Human ligths is the presence of men and women lamps. Stories of light with a connection according to theme and context. Chanting words to live music, with a thousand and one adventures to be imagined together. The perfect poetic opening for a book fair, a light festival, any event which seeks to create an intimate or unifying mood, wherein our humanity is given the place of honour.

Translation : Maria Blakey

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