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The (Strolling) Mobile bar (since 1997 - all age groups, adjustment for all countries)

An ode to water, elixirs, moods, street vendors and mother’s milk...

Le bar Baladeur

<> The (Strolling) Mobile bar, Nancy 2010, © Christophe Cossin

A warmly funny and provoking show for all age groups !

The (Strolling) Mobile bar is not a pub ... but a hub of emotions !

  • Run by the touchingly vain, Léonce with her “accordéonce”
  • Oscar the charming autistic barman,
  • et Mamelon des sources • Mamelon des sources, the steel nippled caustic poet...

Without drinking, you are already tipsy, reeling to the beat of their derivatives, inebriated by the language of their delusions. These unlikely siblings, casually take you, over the potholes of implausibility, to the depths of the earth right into the hollow centre of a trance...

This small team, street theatre performance serves questions, laughter, spiced with strong sassy images here and there.


They come dancing, juggling with the tray of drinks and the napkin to the accordéon with great energy these typical and funny characters.

Oscar serves a glass, Mamelon seeks the pure water in the deep heart of the earth, water cascades into the glass from her steel nippled and she give it to the happy chosen person… a lot off funny accidents, and tender meetings occur during the process.

With : Max Bernery, Véronique Renard & Annie Rhode

Three peerless and marveless actors ready for all conditions in the world

Translation : Maria Blakey

Vidéo : Marie Calmes

Download 2011 presentation (in english)

Téléchargez le dossier 2011 (en français)